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Hardware design
Our Design Engineers posses extensive experience designing Laserjet printers, mobile devices, and Medical Devices, for many Fortune 500 companies. Our team can architect and design your product to achieve the required design goals for bandwidth, interface, and computational performance. We are experts in all major interfaces and will design all necessary logic to interface any circuitry. We are experts in Signal Integrity which enables us to meet your product's bandwidth and speed requirements.
HDL design
Our engineers are experienced in HDL languages and design flows using VHDL and Verilog.  We have designed graphics and high speed interface ASICs and FPGA's for various customers.
Layout and Manufacturing services

Our team of Layout Designers and Electronic Technicians are able  to turn the most complex designs into working hardware. Our combined 30 year experience in PCB Layout Design allows us to provide PCBs ranging from 18 layer complex FPGA designs to 4 layer motherboard designs targeted for low cost high volume production. We support most major layout and design tools such as ALTIUM, MENTOR GRAPHICS, CADENCE/ORCAD, HYPERLYNX,SOLID WORKS

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