Users need to interact with machines to complete the communication loop. As such, Display Technologies are very critical to product development.  Older interfaces implemented simple LED based “status” style user interfaces that were cumbersome to use and often required a User’s Manual just to decode the product functionality and option settings.


With the advent of low cost full color LCD panels, the user interface has become way more sophisticated. Instructions and short videos may be played when configuration or command sequences aren't obvious, or users need to be aware of safety or other concerns.

Resistive or Capacitive touch user input allows for the implementation of Graphical User Interfaces and reduces the need for mechanical or membrane keyboards or dedicated switches on products.  Customers can easily interact with the device and be able to provide inputs needed to complete the transaction or to better control the device.

Best Circuits Engineers have implemented keypads and button presses on LCD displays which are used to enter passwords and credentials for joining devices to Web Access Points.

Although Graphical User Interfaces greatly improve the customer experience, designing and supporting such interfaces tends to require a lot of work.


Sourcing a low cost high quality LCD display panel is pretty hard to do since the LCD market is highly commoditized making long term availability difficult to manage.  The Electrical Interface is not standardized with many panel manufacturers deciding on the Flex circuit pinouts almost arbitrarily or to benefit high volume customers.

The programming and control of LCD panels timing could be intricate and very technical, which makes the HW and FW development time consuming and often frustrating.

Having become experts at GUI design and implementation, BCI Engineers have developed an Intelligent Display Controller which allows easy integration of LCD Displays into any embedded system.

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