Best Circuits featured in Manufacturing Marvels


The 2-minute Manufacturing Marvel series spotlights North American manufacturers along with their products and manufacturing processes.

As a company with a strong commitment to quality and service, Best Circuits. continues to invest in people, research, quality control, and training to help deliver creative solutions.


Founded in 2001, Best Circuits Inc. is comprised of the ODM industry's most skilled and experienced engineering and business talent, representing years of experience at companies such as HP, IWT, IBM, Micron and Google.


Provide the most Innovative Products and Services to our Corporate Customers. Enable rapid Design, Development and Testing of exciting new products.

We pride ourselves in our command of Technology, and our commitment to Quality Design.


Our team's background designing LaserJet and PC motherboards, sophisticated embedded controllers, wireless communication devices, and integrating them into successful consumer products has encouraged us to seek similar design projects from high-tech firms working with the latest technologies.


Best Circuits Leadership is made up of Electronics Industry veterans who possess a keen sense of Product Development and knowledge of the Manufacturing process, having been highly successful in the development of some of the most transformative products of the last quarter-century.


We work with our customers to understand their needs, timelines, price points and level of automation needed to make their products successful in the marketplace.  We then apply the best technologies and proven Management techniques to develop the products and customer interfaces that guarantee their products’ commercial success.


We’ve completed hundreds of successful designs making use of our in-house prototyping and low to mid volume manufacturing facility. Co-locating production with our R&D team ensures the best synergy between Design and Manufacturing.  We possess extensive Design and Verification capabilities, applying our learning of Automated SMT assembly to our design rules ensuring our designs are highly manufacturable.