The 3 wireless technologies which have become 802.X.X standards provide a wide range of options for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

WiFi is mostly used for high bandwidth connectivity and longer range, usually supported in Smart Phones, Tablets and laptops as well as Line powered Appliances.  Due to more powerful Radios in the WiFi chipsets, the technology is not well suited for coin cell or small battery packs.

Bluetooth is the low energy relatively low speed communication technology, used for short range convenience connections.  It is a very low power technology implemented in inexpensive silicon sometimes as low as $2 per socket in high volumes.

Bluetooth’s strength is really in its installed base of devices supporting that interface most notably all Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops.  The two main mobile platforms iOS and Android, provide standardized connectivity to almost all major Bluetooth chipsets.

Due to AES security and a well-defined communications stack, Bluetooth has become a great technology to implement secure communication links implementing Digital access and transfer of user data in many applications.

Zigbee is a low cost, medium range, low power technology typically used in factory automation.  The range is usually closer to WiFi but power consumption is typically closer to Bluetooth.  It was the last 802.x.x standard to be implemented so it borrowed aspects from both WiFi and Bluetooth.

The Zigbee standard is the base for many other branded protocols and while the technology itself is a good compromise between bandwidth, power and range, the standard is mostly reserved to Industrial applications, whereas Bluetooth found wide acceptance in personal communication devices.

tablet to truck image

Cellular Network connection

Best Circuits designed Cellular connectivity hardware and Firmware solutions to connect Industrial appliances to standard GSM networks using the AT&T infrastructure.  These cellular links provide great M2M connectivity  in remote locations not normally served by Wired or Wireless Ethernet.

These wireless technologies make it possible for seamless connectivity between simple personal electronic appliances and the Cloud enabling M2M communications that simplify control and access to user’s data.  Best Circuit’s Technology leadership in these areas allows us to seamless design and connect any Customer’s devices to the Cloud.