Job Summary

We are Best Circuits Inc. a rapidly growing Design and Manufacturing company that focuses on Embedded controllers and industrial IoT development. We are seeking a full-time Analog Hardware Design Engineer to design and layout our custom hardware in areas of power conversion and storage, BLDC motor drivers, Inductive heating applications, and DC/DC Regulator and Power circuit designs.

The successful applicant will join a team of highly capable and enthusiastic Design, Manufacturing, and Management professionals dedicated to excellence in the Design and Manufacturing of Electronic Devices.

As a Hardware Design Engineer, you will have the opportunity to learn about all the details of the Manufacturing processes necessary to turn ideas into World Class Products. We are looking for a creative, energetic, self-driven Engineer who enjoys designing electronic circuits, with professional pride and great attention to detail. Such an individual would possess Project Management skills with the potential of eventually moving into HW Product Management.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with other Engineers on the team to perform component selection and Schematic Capture using Altium Design tools.
  • Perform Board layout using Altium Design tools. Design Physical Layout for Power circuits both High-Voltage and Low-Voltage, AC Switching circuits, DC/DC power conversion, and efficient power supply designs.
  • Interact with Mechanical Engineering, team to ensure proper mechanical dimensions and circuit fit into enclosures.
  • Interact with Firmware and Test engineers to ensure the design meets all specifications.
  • Design test benches and test rigs to allow easier evaluation of Analog Power Designs in the Manufacturing process
  • Use common EE tools such as Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, Multimeters to test and validate
    circuits functionality.
  • Work with our manufacturing team to incorporate Process feedback into the manufacturing process to ensure the end product will be easy to mass-produce.
  • Interact with Product Support and Marketing teams to provide customer support as needed
  • Manage BOMs and work with MFG to ensure Components are readily available for prototype
    and volume builds.
  • Approve AVL’s and other component substitutions and redesign as needed.
  • Approve AVL’s and other component substitutions and redesign as needed.
  • Manage project timelines and coordinate with Product Management to ensure development schedules are met.

Preferred Experience:

  • BS in Electrical Engineering or related major with 5+ Yrs. circuit design experience.
  • Experience using Altium tools to design schematics and create board layouts (3+ years of active
    design using Altium tools)
  • Experience using Analog Simulation tools to aid in HW Design.
  • Knowledge of design principles of power regulation, conversion, and distribution to onboard
  • AC/DC converter design experience, including Isolated Power Supplies, HV switching circuits, Power Factor Correction methods.
  • Understanding of Magnetics properties and qualities used in Power Conversion Design.
  • Ability to solder and modify circuits during debug.
  • Experience using debug tools such as Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers and Current probes to assess functionality and performance of Power Circuits.


- M -F 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM


  • Paid Vacation/PTO
  • Paid Holidays
  • Subsidized Medical and Dental